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Constantly searching for innovative solutions, we explore alternative ways to solve the endless and increasing bandwidth consumption problems the world faces today.


Specializing in data compression, we have derived revolutionary algorithms which allow us to reach the highest levels of compression ever seen. Indeed, by thinking outside of the box, Zetako already has multiple pending patents.



We want to make the Internet both faster and lighter. One day, high speed internet will be accessible nearly everywhere on earth, providing access to glorious 4K streams.


ZetaKo is the first data compression company to directly tackle today’s bandwidth consumption issues. We have derived a proprietary video compression technology to address the ever and always increasing demand for video content delivery.

We are currently working with three different technologies: Lossy compression dedicated for video, images and sound; A revolutionary Lossless compression to compress reliably all data types; A brand new approach of artificial intelligence.

Lossless stage of development
Lossy stage of development
AI stage of development


4K Streaming

4K Streaming

Our lossy compression system is optimized to deliver high-quality 4k to your customers.



Increase your existing storage capacity. With our lossless compression we are able to increase capacity up to 90%.



Keep your data safe with our cutting edge encryption systems built on artificial intelligence.

VR Content

VR Content

Providing high-quality immersive Virtual Reality experiences with our compression.



On-site data compression integration for enterprises. Access the full power of our data compression on your existing infrastructure.

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size of digital universe in exabytes
co2 cloud emission in million
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